RockHome Lessons (formerly known as University of Rock) is a private music school that offers private lessons and hosts live camps/concerts in select cities across America.

RockHome was started out of Jon's frustration with guitar lessons as a teenager. Growing up, Jon ended up quitting with 3 out of the 4 teachers he took lessons with because he felt his instructors either: didn't relate to him musically, taught him things he didn't want to learn, or genuinely didn't care for his musical interests and goals.

After finally finding a teacher that was into the same music as him, had a structured way of teaching, and who was a positive support system, Jon started to have more fun in his lessons and progressed much quicker compared to his past instructors. Jon credits that having a positive mentor/support system made the biggest difference for him and is the same philosophy he used to start RockHome.

Jon founded RockHome in 2009 in Hollywood, CA while he was in school full time and working a part time job. At the time, Jon was tens of thousands of dollars in debt, didn't have a car, and was barely getting by on school loans. After just a few months of teaching guitar lessons in the Los Angeles area under the RockHome name, Jon was able to get enough students where he was able to leave his part time job. While still in school full time, Jon became involved in multiple music projects and continued to build RockHome in the little free time he had. In mid 2011, after deciding to focus on RockHome full time after leaving his music project and graduating from school, Jon has been able to grow RockHome into a six figure a year business in a year and a half with no capital, partners, and hardly any money spent on advertising.

As a result of his success in RockHome, Jon has been asked to be a guest lecturer at universities across America. In his lecture, Jon tells his story on how he grew RockHome with little to no money using creative branding and marketing strategies.

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